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How to become a Sports Yoga® Instructor

Boost your income! With our exclusive 8 week correspondence Sports Yoga® Instructor course designed for fitness professionals, aspiring Yoga teachers, wellness professionals and sport trainers wishing to offer their client a cardio-holistic approach to exercise workout.

Sports Yoga® certification is employer recognised and the world’s first training course of this kind internationally recognised by world renowned Fitness and Yoga organizations: Yoga Alliance and the REPs-Register Exercise Professionals (UK), the REPs (New Zealand).

The number of top sportsmen doing yoga is growing. From Andy Murray tennis player, to top soccer star like Ryan Giggs of Manchester United, these guys only focus on getting the best. We should take notice when they follow a particular discipline. Bringing sport and yoga together will pay big dividends for instructors.

When we talk about Yoga and sports, one may think that they are very different from each other. Yoga equals to practice while sports equals to training. But the one thing that connects these two together is the attainment of whatever aim one wants to achieve.

As a matter of fact, Yoga is a very helpful training for sports. More and more athletes nowadays are turning to Yoga to help improve their performance.

Testimonials from Sport People:

There is no way I could have played as long as I did without yoga," says Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, not retired after an extraordinary 20 years in pro basketball. Many consider Abdul-Jabbar to be the greatest centre, maybe the greatest player, in basketball history. "My friends and teammates think I made a deal with the devil. But it was yoga that made my training complete," he says.

"I guarantee that 10 years from now, yoga will be much more mainstream in the athletic world," adds Joel Fish, Ph.D., executive director of the Centre for Sports Psychology in Philadelphia.


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