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Welcome to the Sports Yoga® Freelance Instructor Licence

Sports Yoga® Instructore Course


The Sports Yoga® Training Program (yoga for sport certification) is licensed to freelance instructors that have completed the training course with us.

Have an exciting, lucrative yoga for sport business – where you’re constantly working with motivated, fun clients that happily spread the word about you… offer a revolutionary approach to an effective yoga for fitness workout!

To maintain the integrity of the Sports Yoga curricula and assist instructors to expand their business they are required to be licenced and pay a small fee.

A licence is a written contract in which Sports Yoga Worldwide (the licensor) give the Sports Yoga qualified instructors (the licensee) a non-exclusive right to use intellectual property licence is an agreement that gives a licensee rights to use the:

  • brand;

  • logo;

  • trade mark;

  • copyright;

  • know-how; or

  • any other type of intellectual property that the licensor owns.

Licences can be very specific or broad in terms of what intellectual property the licensee can use and how they can use it.

Key Characteristics of a Licence

  • There is no goodwill attached to the licence as it is totally retained by the licensor.

  • Products, or even a single product, are the common element.

  • No requirement to comply with performance criteria

  • Licensees pay certain fees.

  • The licensor will not operate a marketing fund


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